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Scaffolding companies don’t just offer one-size-fits-all structures. There are a variety of different forms of scaffolding, each of which is useful in different situations. On this page, for the benefit of Fareham clients who may not have used our scaffolding erectors before, we’ve explained the key differences between some of the most commonly employed forms of scaffolding.



Different Types of Scaffolding


Supported Scaffolding – The most common form of access solution employed by scaffolding companies around Fareham is supported scaffolding. Built from the ground up, it is often attached to a base plate. Scaffolding erectors tailor designs to fit snugly around a property or building, employing however many numerous poles, struts, supports and walk boards as are required. Supported structures can be as big or small as needed, but once they reach a certain height, scaffolding companies will typically recommend hanging scaffolding is used instead. Ideal for most situations, supported scaffolding is safe and strong, cost-efficient and usually straight forward to erect/dismantle.



You may have seen hanging scaffolding employed by property maintenance companies and window washers working on tall buildings in and around the Fareham area. They’re attached to a roof or upper floor of a property, allowing the scaffolding to hang downward. Scaffolding erectors will recommend that Fareham clients use hanging over supported scaffolding when building from the ground-up would be unsafe (either because it needs to reach so high, or perhaps because the ground is deemed unstable).



If you just need to access one set level, perhaps to decorate the ceiling of a newly built Fareham property or retile a specific portion of roof, then birdcage scaffolding can be ideal. It’s self-supporting, and doesn’t need to be attached to a property. It can offer a wide / large surface area which is ideal for multiple workers tackling a project simultaneously. The name comes from its visual similarity to a birdcage.



This is a scaffolding structure which has wheels attached to the bottom, allowing it to be moved from one area to another. The wheels lock in place to ensure anyone using it is safe and the structure doesn’t move around. While it has certain limitations, not all Fareham scaffolding companies offer it; it tends to be small; and only accommodate one or two workers, rolling scaffolding has a lot of upside. For smaller projects where calling in scaffolding erectors to build a permanent structure would be overkill, rolling scaffolding can allow you to multiple, separate sections of a property quickly and easily.



Another big part of what scaffolding companies do is build temporary roofs. These can be used for all sorts of purposes, but our scaffolding erectors most commonly place them over properties which are undergoing roof repairs or new roof construction. They’re also good for keeping new build developments dry while they’re being built. But temporary roofs can also be used for events around Fareham, to keep areas and attendees warm and dry in case of inclement weather.


Whichever type of scaffolding you’re looking to make use of, call in Scaffold Access Services. We have a reputation for being the top choice amongst scaffolding companies active in Fareham, and we are dedicated to providing a quality service at affordable prices.


You can reach our friendly, qualified scaffolding erectors on 01489 572 150. We take on both domestic and commercial projects in and around the Fareham area.